Fill Your Pool - Clean Water Only!

Fill Your Day with Healthy Habits
Eric Karls
May 15, 2024
Fill Your Pool - Clean Water Only!

Eric Karls


May 15, 2024

Fill Your Pool - Clean Water Only!

Your pool has been drained, you’ve been scrubbing it forweeks/months, now it’s time to fill that bad boy up!
The water you fill that clean pool up with are your daily habits. Here are justa few:
Wake up early

  • No snooze button
  • Glass of water right after waking     (pinch of salt/splash of lemon)
  • Sit quiet for 5 mins. (be     grateful)
  • Read 10 pages (bible, book, No     social media)

Schedule your day (You run the day, or the day runs you)

  • Meals – plan what you are having     for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.  If you don’t have a plan, you will     fail here.  Fuel your body with the best possible foods.      Quality in, quality out, garbage in, garbage out!  Formula one race     cars use the absolute best fuel to get the absolute best performance     out.  Lawn mowers use the cheap shit.  Do you want to be a race     car or a lawn mower?
  • Workouts – stop saying you are     going to workout more, when?  Schedule what days and at what     times.  Be exact.  Example, I workout on Monday and Thursday at 5:30am,     Tuesday and Friday at 4:00pm, and I go for a run/walk on Tuesday, Saturday,     and Sunday. That’s right, something EVERYDAY!
  • Eat the frog first. What’s     important? what can you do today to move the needle? Not just busy work,     busy work is always there.  If you don’t schedule in the things that     will get you to where you want to go, you will end up always being where     you currently are.

Kick Ass

  • Go through your day not being     affected by the energy of a room but be the energy that effects the     room.  Quit going through the motions of the day and start living     like the person you want to be.  As far as know, we get one shot at     this life.  Why not give it your best shot?!?!

Give your family the best version ofyou. 

  • Too often all of our energy and     patience goes out during the day (which is good for those we interact with     during the day) but make sure that same energy and patience is there when     we get home and interact with the people that mean the most to us.      In the end, family is the most important, give the people you love the     most the best you have.

Feed your mind (every chance you get)

  • Read every day – If you read 10     pages a day, that will equal 18 – 200-page books in a year.  Do you     think you’d be a different person if you read 18 books last year?      You would!
  • Listen to something that motivates     you – stop wasting your time listening to music in the car.  Audio     books are an amazing way to chip away at that reading list.  There     are also millions of motivational videos on YouTube for free.  Some     of my favorites include Jim Rohn, Zig Ziggler, Eric Thomas, The Rock, David     Goggins, Jim Carrey, Joel Osteen, Kevin Hart, Connor McGregor, and the     list goes on and on.  Whenever I feel my emotions are on a path that     doesn’t serve me, I let one these greats help guide me back.  Some     days I need the encouragement of Rohn, other days I need the kick in the     ass of Goggins, but I always need it.  Motivation/Discipline is like     bathing, effective if done daily.

Go to Bed Early

  • In order to do everything, we just     detailed, you will need to be well rested and have the energy to win the     day.
  • Stop with the phone, Netflix, or     computer before bed.  It sets you up for shitty sleep, which then set     you up for a shitty day.  Turn everything off 30-60 minutes before     bed.  Create a routine that will get you ready for a good night’s     rest.some text
    • Grab that book from the morning
    • Do some light stretching
    • Take a cold shower
    • Talk to your spouse (not about      work, kids, problems) talk them like when you were first dating, about      dreams, goals, your next big adventure.
    • Have sex!  What a great way      to end a day of kicking ass (this is also a great way to start your day!)      It’s also a great way to have a great middle of your day!

Until next week, keep filling those pool with fresh clean water, and remember,it takes a while to fill a pool, give it some time.
In Strength,
Eric Karls M.Ed.
Chief Awesomeness Engineer
Certified Level 3 CrossFit Coach
CrossFit Conductor

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